This winter I am absolutely loving neutral colours and am all over soft, comfortable clothing because who wants to be uncomfortable everyday of their life? Not this gal. During my travels throughout Europe I went a little nuts with the shopping and using the justification for buying something (everything) because it was “so soft” was probably used a little too often. But really, how often do you get to travel to one of the fashion capitals (Stockholm) in the world and get a first hand pick at all the beautiful clothing. One simply did not have the will power to resist.

One of my favourite purchases (there were a lot), so definitely my favourite knit purchase during my travels in Europe is the Samsoe & Samsoe grey knit jumper you can see featured in the photos. It is part wool, part mohair, explaining the high quality of the jumper. Samsoe & Samsoe also have a range of cashmere sweaters which were even more delightful, but my bank account wouldn’t have been so delightful had I gotten my hands on one, so I compromised and was more than happy with my purchase.

Unfortunately (and to my own regret as I desperately want to get my hands on some more of their clothing), if you are living in Australia they don’t ship here. However, if you are ever in Europe I strongly recommend searching high and low for a store that sells Samsoe & Samsoe. It has seriously turned into my go-to, everyday jumper and I could not recommend it more.

As for my Acne jeans, I nearly cried when I made my first acne purchase in the flagship store in Stockholm. I have wanted Acne jeans since I was about 14 and majorly crushing on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (for obvious reasons) who constantly paraded around in their Acne jeans like the true fashion queenz they are. Since purchasing these jeans I have to remind myself I have roughly 7 other pairs of jeans that want and deserve some love too (and also for obvious hygiene reasons), but it is seriously so hard not to wear them everyday. The fit, the style, the colour and the feel of Acne jeans honestly lives up to their reputation and every time I put them on I feel as happy as I did walking out of that store with my pink Acne bag in tow. Of course, they will set you back a measly $270 but what’s a bit of cash when it comes to ultimate happiness. (Yes I did just compare ultimate happiness to a material possession, keep judging to a minimum).

When I saw the beanie in the corner of the Sportscraft store I just had to have it. It was like the universe was pulling me towards it and I couldn’t argue with the universe. It is pastel pink, has a pom pom and is extremely soft. Enough said. Same with the two-sided scarf which is made from modal.

I have always yearned for the classic Burberry trench, you all know the one, but unfortunately it isn’t quite in my budget at the moment so when I stumbled upon this classic David Lawrence trench in eggshell colouring ON SALE I had to grab it. The material is so sleek; the only downfall of this coat is that it shows every mark. I’m not actually sure where the marks come from because I am extra careful when wearing the trench, but they manage to creep onto the coat to cause me relentless misery for the rest of the day.

Outfit: Sportscraft beanie and scarf, Samsoe & Samsoe knit, David Lawrence trenchcoat, 


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