Ask anyone who knows me what my favourite day of the year is and they’d probably utter something about their annoyance with me constantly yammering on about my birthday a month in advance. I honestly can’t help it, but even after being born for 21 years I still get excited when it’s my birthday.

It probably has something to do with the fact that it’s a whole day just about me (in all honesty, who doesn’t love that?!) and you have the perfect excuse to eat copious amounts of delicious treats without feeling guilty, and being surrounded by all the people who love you. Oh, and opening presents! 😛

For my 21st birthday I wanted to do something a little special as I hadn’t had a proper party/get together since I was 16. So I thought 21 would be the perfect time to catch up with all my nearest and dearest friends and throw a little afternoon tea gathering at my house.

The theme of the party was pastel colours, so it was truly destiny when I found this beautiful Alice McCall dress on sale AND the last in my size. I love the puffiness of the sleeves and the delicate detailing of the embroidered flowers on the chest and on the sleeves. The slits in the sides of the leg and the low-neck make it less 1930’s and a little more modern and sultry which I loved.

Outfit: Alice McCall dress, Tony Bianco boots


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