There’s nothing quite like the feeling of that first summer road trip with your best friend after finishing off a stressful year of university.

Driving down to the south coast exudes whimsical feelings; surrounded by green trees and the ocean wind seeping into your open car window as you breeze along the asphalted roads.  I can’t help but let my mind run free as I stare out of the window, watching as the world passes me by. I’m often thinking about how small and insignificant I tend to feel in this vast, perpetual world we live in. I am often indecisive on whether this is an incredibly great thing, or an incredibly disheartening thing… I think, in order to remain positive, we must see it as an incredibly great opportunity.

An opportunity, that I am so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things that no one has pre-planned my destiny, or pre-arranged my marriage, or what I am to study or most importantly, who I am to be. All my life, I have been me; and that has been a wide range of things. Some good, some weird, some bad. But I got to explore myself and the world around me, and let that shape me. For that, I am eternally grateful to have been granted this life with the endless possibilities of the world.

While the world is becoming busier, more competitive, and definitely more scary, I feel thankful to have been born in this time that allows women the freedom to make their own choices and their own lives. Women can study, vote and work, and it is such a wonderful thing to possess this power, and this will and drive to want to work and study and live. It’s something our great, great grandmothers didn’t have and their great grandmothers.

However, in saying all of that during this busy life we all lead, from the  moment we start school until the moment we retire, we are all partaking in this constantly busy lifestyle. It is a luxury to get even three days off and drive down the coast with your best friend. A luxury to sit at the beach with the salt in your hair and the sun on your skin, while your ice cream drips down your arm and have time to reflect on the life you have been granted and how you’re going to make it the best life you’ll ever have.

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