DSC02874DSC030841. Hakone, 2. Lake Ashi

From Tokyo, we caught the Shinkansen towards Hakone. We got the subway from Asakusabashi Station to Ueno Station, then we caught the Shinkansen to Odawarra Station. We then caught the bus into Hakone.

At Odawarra Station go to the bakery for delicious bread, and try the cinnamon scroll!

IMG_7661DSC028723. Mount Fuji, 4. Hakone


I stayed at K’s House Hakone. This was my favourite place that we stayed in Japan. It was a beautiful traditional Japanese hostel. We bathed in the onsen and slept in a ryokan. This is something every traveller must experience at least once when visiting Japan.

Travel tips:

  • Purchase the two-day pass at Odawarra Station. It’ll cost you 4000 yen, but you get access to the trains, buses, boats and cable cars in Hakone.
  • Be prepared to not even see Mount Fuji. We dedicated one and a half days trying to see Fuji, but the cloud coverage was so thick. We were beginning to think Fuji was one big hoax and that we just weren’t in on the joke! Luckily (for our depleted hearts), we saw Fuji as we travelled from Osaka back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen on our last day in Japan. Can confirm, it’s real.
DSC03082DSC03085DSC028925. Lake Ashi, 6. Lake Ashi, 7. Traditional ryokan

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