“The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt.”

Karl Kraus

DSC06897DSC068881. Next to St. Peter’s Church 2. St. Peter’s Church, 3. Vienna National Library

Vienna is a city with beautiful buildings, opera houses (3 of them), hundreds of restaurants and cafes, and lots of museums. After Berlin, I would say Vienna is one of the most cultural cities in the world.

I enjoyed my time in Vienna, but after my second trip to Europe I realise I prefer quainter cities and towns, opposed to big cities. Of course, Vienna is a city I think everyone needs to visit at least once and now I have!

DSC06974DSC06936DSC069164. Hundertwasserhaus, 5. Before the ballet, 6. Parliament

What to do-


  • Belvedere Palace- I wanted to go to this one as it has Klimt’s most famous art works but it cost 20€ and I had spent a lot of money on museums in Amsterdam. So this is a museum I will have to come back to one day.
  • Albertina Museum
  • Leopold Museum


  • Belvedere Palace- This is a palace with museums inside of it. We walked around the grounds which were lovely.
  • Schonbrunn Palace– This is a very famous palace, and was on our list of things to do but we ran out of time, and really how many palaces and castles can one see before they all start to look the same!

Opera House:

  • I was so lucky that when I was researching for things to do in Vienna, I was searching the Opera House and stumbled upon tickets to Swan Lake during the 3 nights I was visiting Vienna. Of course, the tickets weren’t cheap. My ticket set me back 83€, and that was relatively cheap for the seats I got!
  • While in Vienna, I think it is a right of passage to go to an opera, orchestral performance or a ballet. It was the most wonderful experience, and a memory for a lifetime and I am so lucky I got to go.

Walking tour:

I did my walking tour through the hostel, but I saw other tour companies offering walking tours of the city as well.

Day trips:

  • Bratislava- If you have time in Vienna, a lot of people opt for a day trip to Bratislava in Slovakia. This only takes one hour via train for 16€ return. I will be writing about this in my next post!
  • Salzburg- A lot of people don’t want the hassle of bringing their luggage and changing hotels/hostels, so they visit Salzburg for a day. This is definitely possible as it is only 2.20 hours by train. However, I believe you need more than one day in Salzburg to get the full experience.
DSC06889DSC06891DSC06892DSC068967. Courtyard in Vienna, 8. Horses with ear hats, 9-10. Front of St. Peter’s Church

Travel tips-

  • Language- People in Austria speak German.
  • Ballet/Opera- If you’re a serious muso you’re probably visiting Vienna for this reason alone and have already booked your opera and ballet tickets months in advance. But if you’re just a traveller stopping by and decide you want to experience the best of Vienna, there are standing tickets you can purchase! Workers stand around the Opera Houses selling these tickets on the days the shows are on for as little as 10€.
  • Walk- While Vienna is a big city, it was still possible to walk everywhere. It’s also the best way to see everything while working off those Wienerschnitzels.
  • Prices- Vienna was definitely one of the more expensive cities I visited on my trip.
DSC06921DSC06903DSC06904DSC06914DSC06918DSC0692311. Me in a garden, 12. Town centre, 13. Votivkirche, 14. Mozart memorial, 15. Rathaus, 16. Statue


I stayed at the Wombats- Vienna Nashmarkt. I found this to be a very centrally located hostel for a big city. It was about 15-20 minutes walk from the main train station, and 10-15 minutes to the main town centre. Across the road from our hostel was the Nashmarkt, which is a market with fresh produce and chic restaurants. There were other restaurants close by as well.

This place was very trendy, and probably one of the more expensive hostels to stay in so if you want to save some money on accommodation, there would be cheaper options. This place has a bar in it and a big common area if you want to go down and socialise with other people. The beds were comfortable and the shower was great.

DSC06970DSC06927DSC06951DSC0695317. Hundertwasserhaus, 18. Me before the ballet at the Opera House, 19. Belvedere Palace, 20. Streets of Vienna

What to eat-

  • Ice-cream- The ice-cream in Vienna is amazing! It is so creamy with so many different flavours that we don’t have in Australia.
  • Wienerschnitzel- Of course, the name comes from Vienna, so it is kind of a necessity! Out of the three days we were in Vienna, we had 2 wienerschnitzels.
  • Apfelstrudel
  • Milka chocolate- The most delicious chocolate Austria has to offer!
DSC06957DSC06943DSC0697621. Hundertwasserhaus, 22. Belvedere Palace, 23. Milka chocolate

9 Replies to “2 days in Vienna”

    1. Prague is just on a whole different level to most cities in the world, but Vienna is certainly beautiful!!
      Had a very beautiful art/classical music scene.
      Paige xx


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